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Web hosting refers to the space where you store your website. You can choose to host your own website on your own server, or you can hire a service provider. You can find options for e-mails, blogs, images, videos and files. After you conduct some research, you will be able to best identify the service that meets your needs.

Hosting software describes the tools that providers use to deliver services. You may choose to use your own hosting software, or you may use programs that your host provides to you. Hosting software controls all facets of your website including blogs, merchandise, traffic monitoring, server monitoring, security management, database administration, image hosting, domain management, webmail, and certificate management. You can use hosting software to track credit card information and to encrypt confidential data.


Hosting software allows you streamline your website tools. From one platform, you can create forums, blogs, and message boards. You can automate tedious administrative functions, and you can ensure enhanced levels of data security. The software is reliable and readily available with technical support features. You can seek out your own hosting software, or you can hire a consultant. Your webhost can also provide all necessary technical support.

How It Works

Hosting software is generally powered by various programming languages including PHP, ASP, and .NET. Many hosting services have software available to clients through user control panels. You can give your hosting software as much control as you would like. You can choose to automate administrative procedures, or you can choose to remain in control. Your hosting software can be linked to your web server and handle everything from website statistic management to file backups.


Cpanel is a Linux based hosting program, and Webmin is Unix based program. Baifox, Hosting Controller, ISPConfig, and H-Sphere are other available hosting programs.

Last Updated: April 20, 2010
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